Acne and breakouts… Why do they occur?

It’s the absolute worst when you wake up with a big, red, angry bump starring back at you in the mirror! It’s not only painful to touch, but takes away your self confidence and uses up your concealer!

Why do these horrible lumps occur and what can we do to prevent them from making themselves at home on our face, in the future?!

What causes acne?

    Acne occurs when glands (called sebaceous glands) in the follicals of our skin, become overactive. These glads produce sebum – an oily substance which helps maintain a healthy, moist skin, preventing the skin from drying out.
    Someone who suffers from severe acne or the occasional breakout, produces higher amounts of sebum – which then forms a plug with dead skin cells and blocks the follicle.
    If our follicles close to the skins surface are blocked, it then causes a build up to our skins surface – which results in a white head.

    We all have bacteria that lives on the surface of our skin, however if our sebum levels have caused a blockage within our follicles, that bacteria can then infect the plugged follicles… This is what causes the surrounding skin to become red, inflamed, sore to touch and sometimes pussy.
    Our face, upper back and chest are the areas on our bodies with the most follicles – which is why these areas are more prone to breakouts.

    Why do some people get acne and others don’t?

    Teenagers are super prone to breakouts due to the amount of raging hormone levels going on within their growing bodies… Hormones cause an increase in the size of the sebaceous glands (where our oil comes from) and the amount of sebum (oil) produced.
    The more oil our skin is creating, the more blockages that are formed and the more bacteria that is then infecting those blockages… Causing a breakout!

    Hormones can be a trigger for breakouts well beyond our teenage years though… Think pregnancy, starting or stopping birth control pills and stress! These factors all affect and change our hormone levels, resulting in a higher sebum production and the risk of a breakout!


    Why does acne sometimes get worse?

    • Change in hormones in girls/ women – usually 7 days before their period is due
    • Oily skincare products that may be too heavy for your skin – causing more of a blockage to the skin follicles
    • Touching breakouts; squeezing!! I know it’s sooo tempting, but do you realise how much bacterial you are SPREADING across your face when you pop a pimple!?
    • Exfoliating the skin – using a facial scrub when you have ‘active’ pimples (white heads), can spread bacteria across your face, causing more pimples to arise
    • Stress can play a big part in breakouts – as stress can affect our hormone levels, changing our skins sebum production
    • Stripping acne skincare products – Most acne products strip your skins oil production completely – which will clear your skin for the short term – but if you’re stripping your skin from making natural oil for a long period, your skin then gets confused – and begins to produce MORE oil to compensate for the dryness… This can then cause breakouts to worsen in the future… Not what we want!

    Fresh Face Skin Overnight Healer

    Our Healer has been designed for an oily/acne-prone skin.
    Rather than stripping the skin of its natural oil completely
    (look out for ingredients like: alcohol, benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid), our Healer has been formulated using natural ingredients to help control and level-out excessive oil production, remove surface bacteria, while also increasing the way the skin heals – reducing the time breakouts hang around.
    We never want to strip our oil completely – our oil is what  keeps our skin healthy and protected from moisture loss and dehydration. Without oil, our skin would age quickly and fine lines and wrinkles would be more visible on the skins surface.

    Our healer contains some pretty powerful ingredients, all naturally sourced from plants and fruit…

    Glycolic acid – a natural fruit acid derived from cane sugar, helps to level out and control excessive oil flow within the skin, while also removing surface bacteria and speeding up the way the skin heals – clearing breakouts quicker.
    Vitamin B5 – This vitamin is known for its soothing, hydrating and healing ability within the skin. It improves and strengthens your skins natural barrier function, as well as helping damaged skin heal and regenerate; clearing those stubborn breakouts that don’t seem to budge!
    Trehalose – This is a natural sugar extract that is derived from dried mushrooms. This clever natural extract adds and retains that much needed moisture/water within the skin, keeping your skin plump and hydrated and able to start the healing process it needs to fight back.
    Calendula flower extract – This is a plant extract that comes from the candela flower! As well as being naturally antibacterial, this amazing plant extract has a calming effect on the skin; reducing inflammation and redness – giving your skin the chance to calm, clear and heal.
    Joboba oil –This natural oil resembles our own skins natural oil makeup, allowing it to absorb deep within the skin, adding hydration to our skins deeper layers, while also having the ability to clear bacteria within the skin – helping clear and prevent future breakouts. This natural oil has a deep cleansing action which helps clear blocked pores, pushing out puss and dirt from within the pore, while removing dead skin cells on the surface and evening out any excessive oil within the skin
    L22 – Our hero ingredient that’s on all 3 of our Overnight Treatments, is a blend of natural oils derived from joboba, macadamia and olive, designed to mimic the skins surface lipid profile to that of a 22-year-old. A healthy barrier function means a healthy skin! Our barrier function is responsible for maintaining moisture within the skin – reducing moisture loss and dehydration, protecting our skin against environmental damage, sensitivity and premature ageing within the skin.

    Our Overnight Healer can be used as an all over skin treatment to treat acne and oiliness, or as a ‘spot treatment’ to treat the occasional monster that appears on your chin!
    You can apply the Overnight Healer  every night to a clean skin, or for faster results – apply both morning and night – ensuring that ontop of the healer application in the morning, you apply some form of SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.


    If you’re ever unsure or have any questions on what Overnight Treatment you’d like to try or look at for the future, email me at:

    For more info on our Overnight Healer press here.

    I hope that’s cleared a few acne questions for you!
    Knowledge is power!
    Amelia x

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