We absolutely LOVE hearing what beauty bloggers think of our range… They’re expertise and knowledge when it comes to skincare, is truly respected, and to hear what they personally think of our products – means a lot.

Whether it’s good or bad (we haven’t had a bad review yet!), we enjoy reading what they have to say, as it give us the reassurance that our products truly do work for all skins or where we may need to tweak formulations, so that our customers are truly experiencing a fresh-faced, healthy complexion, from using our product range.

A lot of time, passion and product-trialling went into formulating each and every product within our range. We truly have a passion for providing high quality products, that are formulated using only the best ingredients that nature provides – to truly change the way the skin performs from within… It’s why I started Fresh Face Skin and why I wake up each morning!

I wanted to take the complicated out of skincare and that’s why our range of Overnight Treatments have been formulated to work as a serum AND a moisturiser in one; removing the countless routine steps involved in skincare, and simplifying your product use to just one! Each treatment has the ability to penetrate below the surface of the skin – using potent natural ingredients, to correct and improve the functioning of the skin from within, while helping to retain moisture and hydration levels on the skins surface – reducing overall skin dehydration, dryness and skin sensitivity.

Denise from Clay + Essence, has written up a very informative, thought-out beauty review on our Overnight Soother.

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    Enjoy the review and thank you for your support.

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    Here’s to passion and hard work paying off!

    Much love,
    Amelia x