I have always had such a passion for skin! Treating skin and getting real results for my clients and their skin concerns!
It’s why I started my journey with Fresh Face Skin – I wanted to take the complicated out of skincare, while providing real results for my clients.
However… Sometimes introducing skincare isn’t quite enough!
Our skin may need a little extra, in order to correct and improve the way it functions from within, which is where we can get real, long lasting results!

I have treated and trained as a skin specialist within the beauty/skin industry for 8 years now… and although I have absolutely LOVED the adventure that has and will continue to be Fresh Face Skins product range – I truly miss treating clients, hands on!
There’s something truly special about helping someone achieve their skin goals… Being there, along the way, celebrating every small and large skin improvement with them!
I miss client interaction and I miss treating the skin, so decided -enough was enough, I had to open up my own unique space to create and accomplish skin goals in!

    As I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before – professional skin treatments are a real ‘PT workout’ for your skin!
    Each skin treatment focuses on different ways to exercise your skin, helping it to perform at its most optimal level from within.
    If our skin is working at its best, it means our skin concerns begin to improve and our overall self confidence is restored!
    Whatever your skin concern may be, I want you to feel proud of the skin you’re in and feel confident going makeup free!

    I have tailored my skin treatments to suit various skin types and concerns and truly believe in each treatment I now offer within my beauty room.
    Just like Fresh Face Skins product range, I wanted my in-salon treatments to be affordable and achievable for everyone, so that everyone can afford to improve their skin if they want to.

    I want to work with you to achieve the skin of your dreams.
    The space I have created, is a place of no judgement and a place where you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

    If you can trust me with your skin and its individual needs, I promise together, we can get your skin looking its healthiest and freshest yet!

    If you live in Victoria, Australia – close to or within the Eastern Suburbs and are looking to start your skin journey – I’d love to hear from you!
    I am offering a introductory offer, which is 20% off your first skin treatment with me and free skin consults for anyone who is interested, but isn’t quite sure where  to start or what is involved.

    To keep up to date with all things skin – including in-salon treatment videos and before and afters,
    You can now follow Fresh Face Skins salons instagram page at: freshfaceskinsalon
    and follow /contact us via our Facebook page: Fresh Face Skin Salon.
    Bookings are by appointment only. I can work with you, to find the day and time that works best.

    As always, I appreciate your support.

    Much love,