fresh face skin enhancers

  • AHA & Enzyme Exfoliator and peel in one


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    Combination-normal, oily, dry, congested, ageing, pigmented, dull, dehydrated skins 125ml This powerful AHA & enzyme exfoliator and peel in one, works at gently removing surface dead skin cell build up, while skin tone, clearing congestion and stimulating skin cell turnover to help with ageing concerns. As this product should only be used 1-2x weekly max and you only need to use a pea size amount for the entire face - this product should last you between 9-12 months. For drier/mature/vascular/acute acne skins, we recommend applying a thin layer (pea size amount) of our scrub, to a wet face (entire face) and leaving on for 2-10 minutes (depending on what your skin can comfortably handle), then rinse and follow with our Soother treatment - to help soothe and nourish the skin, post exfoliation. To be done 1x weekly. For oily/congested/pigmented skins, we recommend using our exfoliator as a scrub 1-2x weekly, in the shower. Apply a pea size amount to damp skin, lightly massage into the skin, then leave on for 30 seconds- 3 minutes, focusing on congested areas, then rinse off. Follow with your Fresh Face Skin Soother treatment - to help soothe and nourish the skin, post exfoliation. *A tingling sensation when applied, is normal, this is a result of the AHA and enzymes dissolving dead skin cell buildup from your skins surface. This tingling should reduce more and more after initial application. If intense heat and ‘burning’ sensations begin on application and worsen, please rinse with cold water immediately and follow with our Soother treatment to help calm the skin.
  • hydration booster


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    ** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER ONLY and will not be sent till Tuesday 20/7/21. Orders containing this product will be sent once this product is officially launched on Tuesday 20/7/21 Designed for all skin types Designed to boost hydration levels within the skin, helping to plump fine lines, soften skin texture and bring life and brightness back to a lacklustre skin! This hydration enhancer - has been developed to either apply directly to your skin, prior to applying your chosen Fresh Face Skin treatment/s, or 1x pump can be mixed into your Healer or Reverser treatments, then applied to your skin. *Please note - this Hydration booster serum cannot be mixed into your Soother treatment. You can apply your Hydration booster directly to the skin first, then follow with your Soother treatment after, to allow full skin benefits from both products.
  • L-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C powder


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    100% Vitamin C powder

    Combination-normal, oily, dry congested, ageing, pigmented, dull, pigmented, vascular skins L-Ascorbic acid is a 100% powder form of vitamin C. This potent and powerful powder can be mixed into our Fresh Face Skin Reverser or Healer treatments, 1x daily, to add that extra kick of goodness to your skin! Vitamin C is one of the most  effective antioxidant ingredients we can apply to our skin, to help fight free radical damage, helping to prevent premature ageing within the skin, while brightening skin tone, lightening stubborn surface pigment and strengthening vascularity (skin redness) and skin sensitivity. *We recommend using in the morning, as the Vitamin C will add antioxidant support, to further prevent UV and free radical damage, throughout the day. How to use: Apply just 1x small tap of the Vitamin C powder into 2x pumps of the Healer or Reverser treatment, mix, then massage into skin. You may feel a slight tingle on application - this is normal! You can follow with the Soother treatment, applied on top - for a skin needing a little more nourishment throughout the day. Always finish with applying an SPF when applying our products in the morning.  *Please note - if powder doesn't mix into you treatments easily, this is a sign you have used too much Vitamin C in comparison to the product it's being mixed into... Less is more with this product!
  • Micellar water 250ml


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    Designed for all skin types Best used with our reusable, eco friendly facial chamois, this hydrating cleanser can be used as a makeup remover, to effectively remove makeup from the skins surface, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Our micellar water can also be used as a pre-cleanse, prior to cleansing, to remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the skins surface, keeping your skin super clean and clear all year round! For our powerful Fresh Face Skin cleansers to work to the best of their ability within your skin, it’s important to remove all makeup and excess residue from your skins surface first! This will ensure the active ingredients within each of our cleansers, are able to properly penetrate into your skins surface layers, to help correct and improve surface concerns.

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