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Due to the recent COVID regulations in VIC of mask wearing in all public areas, we thought it was important to consider our skin throughout all of this!

The increase face mask wearing has caused many of us to breakout and for our skin to become dry, red and irritated. Why you ask? Well, when we have a mask placed over our mouth for a long period of time, it can not only cause our skin follicles to become blocked – trapping dirt, oil and bacteria, but this added moisture from our breath also begins to change our skins PH level in the affected area, leading to skin irritation, redness, dryness and most commonly – skin breakouts! The friction that can be caused by some masks, also adds to an already irritated and inflamed area – adding only more discomfort to your precious skin!

Our 100% mulberry silk face masks, are naturally antibacterial – to help limit the amount of mask-to-skin causing bacteria, while being soft and delicate on the skins surface to help limit friction causing inflammation and irritation. Our silk masks will also allow your skin to breath as they will absorb moisture created from your breath, avoiding an increase of surface skin bacteria and build up, while maintaining a healthy skin PH balance – reducing overall skin irritation and sensitivity.

*All silk masks are black in colour.


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Each mask is 3 layers including the filter pocket & comes with one activated carbon filter – and contains a filter pocket for you to then remove and replace filters.

You can wear this mask alone with the carbon filter for added virus protection or without the carbon filter, but in this case – we recommend wearing a disposable mask on top of the silk mask, for added virus protection while still maintaining a healthy skin!

Our tips on keeping your skin healthy and clear while wearing a mask:

  • Cleanse your skin both am/pm -before and after using your face mask – avoid over cleansing, to avoid stripping your skins lipid barrier. For skins feeling a little irritated – we recommend our Soother cleanser, to help calm and strengthen a vulnerable skin.
  • Keep up your daily Fresh Face Skin treatment applications -Our Soother treatment will help to calm surface inflammation and irritation and will add a surface barrier to help protect your skin from external factors.
  • Incorporate antibacterial products into your routine, if your skin has broken out – Those skins that have broken out due to the increased mask wearing – we recommend incorporating the Healer treatment into your routine am/pm – spot treat affected area, to help remove surface bacteria, while calming inflammation and stimulating healing time within the skin – to help clear stubborn breakouts fast!
  • Avoid wearing makeup if you can – Makeup will unfortunately only add to the blocked pores and surface bacteria – aggravating an already inflamed skin.
  • Hand wash your silk mask regularly (especially if using your mask without a filter) to avoid bacteria growth. We recommend using a fragrance/chemical free soap (hypoallergenic) to avoid further skin irritation & washing your mask before initial use.
  • Avoid moving your mask around your face – to avoid the spread of bacteria that may lead to further breakouts and skin irritations.
  • Maintain healthy dental hygiene – to help minimise bacteria growth on the skins surface.



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