AHA & Enzyme Exfoliator and peel in one


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Combination-normal, oily, dry, congested, ageing, pigmented, dull, dehydrated skins

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This powerful AHA & enzyme exfoliator and peel in one, works at gently removing surface dead skin cell build up, while skin tone, clearing congestion and stimulating skin cell turnover to help with ageing concerns.

For drier/mature/vascular/acute acne skins, we recommend applying a thin layer of our scrub to the entire face and leaving on for 2-10 minutes (depending on what your skin can comfortably handle), then rinse and follow with our Soother treatment – to help soothe and nourish the skin, post peel. To be done 1x weekly.

For oily/congested/pigmented skins, we recommend using our exfoliator as a scrub 1-2x weekly, in the shower. Apply a pea size amount to damp skin, lightly massage into the skin for 30 seconds- 1 minute, focusing on congested areas and rinse. Follow with your Fresh Face Skin treatment/s of choice.

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*A tingling sensation when applied, is normal, this is a result of the AHA and enzymes dissolving dead skin cell buildup. This tingling should reduce more and more after initial application.
If intense heat and ‘burning’ sensations begin on application and worsen, please rinse with cold water immediately.

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Trial Size 20g, Full Size 125ml


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