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Designed for all skin types

Our chamois are a great environmental friendly & sustainable alternative to makeup wipes or cotton pads – designed to use with your Fresh Face Skin Micellar Water, for a pre cleanse or makeup removal, prior to using your favourite Fresh Face Skin Cleanser!


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Our facial chamois have been designed to use with our Micellar water and are super gentle on the skin & eye area for easy makeup removal or a pre-cleanse, helping to gently remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the skins surface, prior to cleansing with our Fresh Face Skin cleanser range.
Remember to always use a light pressure when removing eye makeup, as the skin around our eyes is a lot more delicate in comparison to the skin on the rest of our face.
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*Ensure you wash your chamois after each use – with warm, soapy water, to avoid bacteria build up.
Our chamois dry hard when left to dry in the air – just add warm water to soften for each use.
*Each of our chamois comes with a protective bag – we recommend keeping your clean chamois in the provided bag, to prevent bacteria build up & to keep it moist, ready for its next use!
– All chamois bags are 100% recycled and biodegradable.


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2 reviews for Facial Chammie

  1. Belinda Nichol (verified owner)

    Love the Chammie. So gentle on your skin and removes all make up and the day’s grime away easily. Highly recommend.

  2. Courtney

    Amazing for removing makeup and not wasting face wipe after face wipe! Soft to touch and not drying for the skin like wipes.

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