L-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C powder


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100% Vitamin C powder

Combination-normal, oily, dry congested, ageing, pigmented, dull, pigmented, vascular skins

L-Ascorbic acid is a 100% powder form of vitamin C.
This potent and powerful powder can be mixed into our Fresh Face Skin Reverser or Healer treatments, 1x daily, to add that extra kick of goodness to your skin! Vitamin C is one of the most  effective antioxidant ingredients we can apply to our skin, to help fight free radical damage, helping to prevent premature ageing within the skin, while brightening skin tone, lightening stubborn surface pigment and strengthening vascularity (skin redness) and skin sensitivity.

*We recommend using in the morning, as the Vitamin C will add antioxidant support, to further prevent UV and free radical damage, throughout the day.

How to use:

Apply just 1x small tap of the Vitamin C powder into 2x pumps of the Healer or Reverser treatment, mix, then massage into skin. You may feel a slight tingle on application – this is normal!

You can follow with the Soother treatment, applied on top – for a skin needing a little more nourishment throughout the day. Always finish with applying an SPF when applying our products in the morning. 

*Please note – if powder doesn’t mix into you treatments easily, this is a sign you have used too much Vitamin C in comparison to the product it’s being mixed into… Less is more with this product!

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*If you suffer from skin sensitivity, we recommend slowly introducing our Vitamin C powder into your skincare routine – start with 1x weekly and build to 7x daily use.

*Our Vitamin C powder cannot be mixed into our Fresh Face Skin Soother treatment, as oil counteracts the Vitamin C properties.

*Please note – unlike the remainder of our skincare range, L-Ascorbic acid is not a natural extract and therefor is not 100% natural.

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3 reviews for L-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C powder

  1. Briony White

    A great addition to your skincare routine!! Absolutely worth it 🙂

  2. Courtney

    If you want bright glowing skin this is a must in your skincare routine. The packaging is amazing too as you can open & close it too only tap out as much as you need and not waste any product from over pouring.

  3. Kristy

    This is incredible! Have noticed a massive change in my skin since using it! Love it and highly reccomend 🙂

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